adriana/new mexico

Anonymous: What do you regret most? What made you decide your major? How are you doing in life?

i regret not spending more time with my grandparents. i decided my major on accident; i was volunteering as a tutor at an elementary school and fell in love with the kids and so as of right now, i’m majoring in elementary education. 

i’m doing alright, i’m really tired. a little lonely now that school has started. 

Anonymous: are there any songs stuck in your head? how do you like college? do you miss anybody? :)

yes! ocean bed by king krule (my current jam).

college is okay, i’ll always be tired and overworked a little, but i’m taking a really cool art class this semester. i do miss my brother, because i’m used to seeing him 24/7 but our schedules are just too busy to really spend time together now. 

Anonymous: you're probably the farthest thing from a bitch that i've ever met. you're so nice

thank you xoxo, i really appreciate you taking the time to say this!! means a lot to me! 

Anonymous: Why are you such a bitch? (x3)

this is not so nice.